Hitchcock stairs in painting

Actualizado: 28 de dic de 2018

The style of painter and sculptor Florència Coll contains the trademark warmth it has always produced, in line with her way of understanding painting: that sense of innocence, sometimes tragic and sometimes ironic, drawing us in with its commitment to life.

To use an image favoured by Florència Coll, namely stairs, many of her pieces encompass several sections that can be contemplated independently despite the prophetic perfume which emanates from them.

This prophetic perfume can ship us to Hitchcock and his love for staircases. In the first shot of Alfred Hitchcock's first film, The Pleasure Garden (1925), a line of women stream down a spiral staircase backstage at a theater. In the last shot of Hitchcock's last film, Family Plot (1976), Barbara Harris sits down on a staircase, looks into the camera, and winks.

Hitchcock made the staircase a recurring motif in his complex grammar of suspense, a device by which potential energy could be, metaphorically and literally, loaded into narrative, a zone of unsteady or vertiginous passage from one space to another.

Staircases are symbols of many things including the occult and the unconscious.

barcelona fine arts
Staircase A, Oil on canvas - ( 97 x 195 cm ) 2006. ©

barcelona painter
Staircase B, Oil on canvas - ( 97 x 195 cm ) 2006. ©

catalan artist
Staircase C, Oil on wood - ( 76 Ø cm ) 2006. ©

catalan painter
Staircase D, Oil on wood - ( 76 Ø cm ) - Private Collection, 2006. ©

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