Limited edition

Originality Vs. Reproduction

The fact that art work is unique, has been considered as an element of value in the world of art. For this reason, the idea of making multiple copies has always brought to debate.

On one hand, it is a democratic idea because: if there are several copies, the images printed can be distributed at a larger scale at a lower price. On the other hand, reproduction of an art work can be an inconvenient, because the existence of an unlimited number of identical copies, devaluates a print.

Limited edition

In order for prints to be able to compete with sculpture and painting, a new concept was conceived: the limited edition. An edition is the total number of prints made from an image. Putting a limit to the number of prints made from an original image presents a middle ground between the concept of what is unique and the concept of what is infinitely reproducible.

art print
Andantino by Florència Coll. Mixed media on canvas ( 146 x 60 cm) 2016 - 2017.

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