What is a Giclée print?

Nowadays Giclée has become a valuable addition to the art world. Giclée is a French term which means to “spray ink".

Giclée printing is a type of inkjet printing to create a product at a higher quality and with a longer lifespan than a standard desktop inkjet printer.

To be able to make such a high-quality print, the scanner used to capture the art must be able to do so with a high level of resolution.

To compare, most digital photos are recorded at a resolution of 72 dpi on the screen, and the image file of an art print needs to be at least 300 dpi, because the more dots of colour that can be printed in a small area, the more detailed your final image will appear.

The Giclée printing process involves squirting or spraying microscopic dots of pigment-based ink onto high quality art paper or canvas, in our case, we use Fine Art Creative Smoth paper 240. The image is colour corrected to attain the closest possible match to the original work if required. The digital information is fine tuned to the type of paper or surface on which the image is to be printed, further ensuring fidelity to the original.

Giclée print
Laberynth. Oil on canvas ( 162 x 162 ) 2006 by Florència Coll ©

Giclée print. Reproduction of oil on wood painting Laberynth (2006) by Florència Coll. Limited edition art print, numbered and signed by the artist ©

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