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Article 10 Law 34/2002 of Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio se we inform you that the web ownership is FLORÈNCIA COLL MIRABENT, NIF/DNI: 77094956Z, with registered office in C7Sant Josep 47, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona (Spain) who is the unique and exclusive responsible of the truthfulness of the information in the website included texts, photos, logotypes, coupons, products, services and visualised images.



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The User assumes responsibility for using the PORTAL. The USER commits himself to make good use of the web site and of the services which are offered and give true and legitimate information and not being allowed to having behaviours against the law, the rights or interests of third parties.



​Intellectual and industrial property

In accordance to Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996, Intellectual Property Law, in its article 17: explotation rights, of the work only and exclusively concern to the author, in this case, Florència Coll. The purchase of the work gives to the buyer only the property of the physical support that contains the work but he/she does not gain, under no circumstances, the intellectual property of the work itself. Its reproduction and distribution it’s an exclusive right of the author; in this case Florència Coll.  


Responsibility and guarantee disclaimer

FLORÈNCIA COLL MIRABENT will not be responsible for any injury or prejudice of any nature, that the web function or its services could cause. She doesn’t guarantee neither the operation of the website and its services and does not guarantee the utility of the website and that the user can use it anytime, neither its services.


FLORÈNCIA COLL MIRABENT does not guarantee no pueden garantizar the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness, accuracy, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information and so any further liability of the seller, which might result for damages caused directly or indirectly by the information you can access through the website, is excluded.



FLORÈNCIA COLL MIRABENT  reserves the right to amend the website and its services  including the modification of the use conditions in any moment, without assuming any responsibility as a result. For this reason it is recommended that you read this disclaimer as often as you visit the website.



In the case of the websites having links or hyperlinks towards other Internet sites, FLORÈNCIA COLL MIRABENT shall not exert any kind of control over those sites and contents, not assuming any responsibility for the contents in any of the contents of any link belonging to an outside website.


Applied Legislation and competent jurisdiction

the relationship with the users shall be regulated by the current Spanish legislation and any controversy will come under the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Madrid unless the applicable lesilation determines imperatively other jurisdiction or different legislation.

Florència Coll offers for sale of her products through this website only to end-consumers. End consumer is any physical person who buys as the final recipients for purposes other than those of company, commercial or professional activities. Throght this website will not be attended any order that has not been carried out by an end consumer.


Florència Coll reserves the right to modify the commercial offer of this website in any moment (prices, products, promotions, and other commercial and service conditions). These modifications do not affect previous purchases made in any way.